How to Restore SQL Server Password - Interpret Here!

To safeguard SQL Server database against any unauthorized use or to assign different levels of access database rights, generally the SQL database are protected with a password, which provides limited access to the database and prevents authorized personnel only. But somehow you forgot SQL Server password and want to settle your query that how to restore SQL Server password and how to crack SQL Server password.

For restoring SQL Password, use SQL Server Password Reset tool which is a handy toolkit to recover your lost or forgotten password in an easy way. Furthermore with this utility, you can simply retrieve SQL user password and can also change it with new ones.

SQL Server Reset Password for User – See The Process

Step 1:-

You can now restore SQL Server password by going to Start menu » Programs » SQL Password Recovery Software.

SQL Password Recovery Tool

STEP 2:-

Next step is to Browse the MDF file to load it.

Browse the MDF file

STEP 3:-

Now pick that particular Master .mdf file. The User Name and Password information will be enlisted in the panel of the window and then click on "Open" button.

Open Master .mdf file

STEP 4:-

In SQL Server, a list of all the users has been created by the tool. Unknown and Empty are the two values which was carried out by password column.

Unknown and Empty Password

  • Unknown means that you have a password presently but is encrypted.
  • Empty stands that you do have a password and you can login to their account without password.

Now take Attention: Further take a step it is highly recommended to take a backup of your Master .mdf and Master_log .ldf files as the tool will make changes to your Master database in the next step.

STEP 5:-

Now select the user whose password you want to reset. The software will show you an alert to take the backup of the Master .mdf and Master_log.ldf.

Backup Master .mdf and Master_log.ldf

  • After continuation, you will set an Empty password for the selected user. Click Yes and go for Reset option.
  • Empty password for the selected user has been set by the tool.

Password Reset Successfully

STEP 6:-

Now log in to the SQL Server without the restriction of password protection

Log in to the SQL Server