Get Information on MDF Corruption

MDF Viewer tool is freeware edition that can be used to determine the current statics of MDF files that are reported as corrupted in the SQL Server Version used. The tool is capable to view SQL MDF files under many circumstances and some of the common error messages that is been reported to cause inaccessibility of SQL MDF files, leading to download MDF optimizer to read MDF file and further purchase SQL Recovery software to recover SQL MDF to healthy format.

Corruption to MDF Files Causes Data Inaccessibility- Here are Some Reasons

Accidental issues with MDF files in SQL Server cause database corruption, leading to the file inaccessibility, some of the common issues with the SQL Server leading to MDF file inaccessibility can be listed as:

  • Hardware issues
  • Segmentation fault.
  • Problem with runaway process.
  • Memory related issues
  • Damaged LOG file issues
  • Deletion of data from MDF files
  • Suspected mode of MDF database

Error Message Cause MDF File Access Denied- Know Reason for Error Message!

There are number of error messages that are reported with the SQL Server MDF files, that states the inaccessibility of MDF file prompting user to download free SQL Viewer to view database from MDF files. Common error messages with the MDF files can be listed as:

  • Error C.5.2.1. Access denied- Reported error can be because of the issues related to server permitted programs and MySQL account when any client try to connect.
  • Error: 1725 SQLSTATE: HY000 (ER_TABLE_IN_FK_CHECK) - This error corresponds to the issues with the foreign key and table database in SQ server.
  • Error: 1720 SQLSTATE: HY000 (ER_PLUGIN_NO_UNINSTALL) - Plug-in related activities results in the error message and states the need to stop server.
  • Error: 1725 SQLSTATE: HY000 (ER_TABLE_IN_FK_CHECK) - Table related issues cause the error message and need to check table content to verify error.

Some Issues Related to MDF Database

MDF Viewer help when to view SQL MDF file, when they are inaccessible due to any Server, MDF database related issues, and generally they can be categorized as:

  • Server Installation-Related
  • SQL Database Administration-Related
  • MDF File Query-Related .
  • MDF Optimizer-Related
  • File Table Definition-Related

Significant Feature of SQL MDF Viewer to View SQL MDF File

MDF file viewer help to view SQL MDF file without SQL Server also, which is helpful for investigators and other users who lack SQL environment and want to read SQL MDF files.

  • View SQL MDF file when Server is not active and user carry MDF file with or without error messages like 'MySQL Server has gone away'.
  • View mdf file without SQL Server when database is healthy and no other way to open SQL MDF file thus help to solve need of user to solve queries of "how to view MDF file database" and "how to read MDF files".
  • View SQL MDF database, when error message like 'Password Fails When Entered interactively' denies access of MDF database.
  • SQL MDF database viewer, help to view SQL MDF database even when messages like 'Host 'host_name' is blocked', 'File' Not Found' and similar errors block access of MDF files.
  • SQL Server MDF file viewer help to view MDF files without trouble even when the error messages states the need to change or reconfigure SQL Server.

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