Recover Corrupt SQL MDF Backup with Reliable Processing Steps

Welcome to SQL Backup Recovery Software your online resource for SQL Server backup and recovery issues. Here we are showing you the software steps that how it works while performing its function and how the software recover corrupt SQL MDF backup file? This section is generally applicable to SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 r2. If any corrupted or damaged parts are applicable only to specific version, they will be clearly indicated in this block.

Although the software shows you fully functional steps that comes with the ability to repair SQL Backup file with not a bit of data loss and thus the vital data remains safe and secure. SQL Backup Recovery Software plays a essential role to get backup of SQL database and also fix SQL backup file with ease and efficiency which is felt by our users successfully along with satisfaction. SQL users can also Restore SQL MDF File Backup including all its database objects.

This Part demonstrate you the Process to Restore SQL MDF File Backup

Step 1:-

See the presentation of SQL Backup Recovery Software on your screen by going to Start menu and then Program list.

SQL Backup Recovery Software

STEP 2:-

Here you see the "load" button, you can just click on it and select .bak file from that location. Pick your corrupt SQL .bak file and then click on "open" button which is shown below

Select .bak file

STEP 3:-

Next Windows will ask for SQL Server version of selected file, click on the actual version of the BAK file version. Then click on ok.

Note: It has "Advance recovery option" for highly corrupted .bak files

Scan Option

STEP 4:-

On the above step user can aslo select Multiple Backup Files Options to select mulitple .bak files or whole folder containing multiple .bak file and can remove file from the list. It also has an option to Auto Detect .bak files.

Multiple Backup Files Options

STEP 5:-

Scanning and loading process can be started automatically by the software

Loading process

STEP 6:-

When the process gets completed, SQL Backup Recovery Software will displays the recovered elements of backup files

Preview of Recovered Elements

STEP 7:-

Now you can see all the recovered items of SQL Server backup file, then, further click on "Export" button and get the possibility to save the recovered items like tables, triggers, stored procedure, views etc.

Export button

STEP 8:-

After completing export function, just load .str file which can be created through demo version in full licensed version of SQL Backup Recovery Software.

Export Option

You can get two option of saving mode:

  • SQL Server Database ( MDF File)
  • SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts

SQL Server Database: If you will opt SQL Server Database, then software will automatically save or import the repair sql backup file in existing SQL server database.

SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts: And if you will choose this option, then you will get the option to save all SQL scripts in a specific folder.

STEP 9:-

Next option is "Export/ save" option. This option will export the deleted records efficiently.

Export the Deleted Records

STEP 10:-

Provide the desired location where you want to save the recovered file.

Save Recovered file

STEP 11:-

Now you can see the database files at the provided location.

See Recovered Database File