SQL Decryptor Tool

User Friendly Solution to Remove Encryption From SQL Database

  • Remove encryption from batch SQL objects
  • Display complete preview of MS SQL database
  • Export data to SQL Server and compatible script
  • Supports SQL Server 2014 and all below versions

100% Secure
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The freeware version of the tool shows you the complete preview of all decrypted scripts such as functions, triggers, views, stored procedure. But if you want to export/save decrypted data then you have to purchase the license version of SQL decryptor software.

Features Free Version License Version
windows and sa
display the list
support windows 8
export data
export selective data
export without encryption
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SQL Server Decryption Tool: Decrypt SQL Server Objects

The software is aim fully designed and developed to help users to remove encryption from SQL Server stored procedure in order to transform the entire database in a compatible format. This tool aids in approaching SQL Server encrypted database even in situations when it lacks dedicated admin connections.

SQL decryptor software is formulated creatively in such a way that users get a fine experience of decrypting SQL database file without any trouble and receive expected results.

Over-The-Top Features of the Software to Decrypt SQL Server Database

  • Remove encryption from SQL database: More...

    remove encryptionThe software is well capable of decrypting SQL Server stored procedures, triggers, views, function and all other database elements.

  • dual loginThe advanced SQL decryptor tool provides you dual login mode, i.e. Windows authentication and SQL Server authentication mode.

  • previewWhen the database is loaded, user will get a preview of details with script of triggers, stored procedures, views etc which are required to be decrypted with the tool. This makes users self relevent to decrypt data with confidence when they work with complete version of the software.

  • decrypt large databaseSQL decryptor softawre allows users to decrypt large size SQL Server data and requires live SQL Server environment to decrypt SQL database file successfully.

  • sql environmentIn order to decrypt SQL Server data successfully with the software, the unavoidable condition is live SQL Server environment without which SQL decryption process cannot be carried out.

  • exportThe software provides option to export or save decrypted database directly to SQL Server or as a SQL Server compatible script according to the selection made.

  • support sql versionSQL decryptor software runs smoothly with SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008, 2005 and 2000, this means that de-encryption process is not restricted by any version. Without making any changes in created script, the software easily decrypt SQL Server objects expertly.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with the help you this tool you can decrypt SQL server stored procedure, triggers, function, views, easily.
Yes, to decrypt SQL database comfortably, the software requires a live SQL server environment.
Yes, the software has excellent features to export selective decrypted SQL file to a desired location.
Yes, you can install the software on Windows 8, 7, Vista, Win-XP and all the below versions (32 bit and 64 bit).

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System Requirements

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