SQL Server Decrypt Function Using SQL Server Decrypt Tool

With the introduction of transparent data encryption (TDE) in SQL Server, users now have the choice to choose SQL Decryptor Software which is one of the best way to remove encryption from SQL Server database. It enables you to reduce time and money spent on restoring lost source code to encrypted SQL objects. It is the leading tool that helps SQL users to get the encrypted data converted to decrypted database in the SQL Server. SQL users can also decrypt SQL Server 2008 r2 stored procedure using MS SQL decrypt stored procedure utility.

See the Working Steps of How to Decrypt an Encrypted SQL Database

Step 1:-

Preview of SQL Decryptor Software will be displayed on your screen.

SQL Decryptor Software

STEP 2:-

Decryption process can be started by just click on "Get Started" button. A Connect page will be displayed.

Click on Get Started

STEP 3:-

Give all the information like Server Name, Login Mode, User Credentials (if required) and click on drop down arrow of database name. Now connect to SQL Server and a list of database is shown as follows.

Connect to SQL Server

Connect to SQL Server

STEP 4:-

Click on "Next" button, Preview page will be displayed that shows only the encrypted object names. You can just click on the object name and see the decrypted text in the text box as follows.

Preview Page

STEP 5:-

Click on "Next" button, Export page will be displayed on your screen, you can just select the objects and export them to target SQL Server or you can export them as SQL Server compatible SQL scripts

Export Page