SQL Log File Viewer - How it Works

Step 1:-

Download the software setup >> Install & Open SQL Log File Viewer.

Open SQL Log Analyzer

STEP 2:-

Click on Open tab to import LDF file.

Open Log File

STEP 3:-

Browse LDF file.

Browse LDF file

STEP 4:-

Select LDF file & click on "Open" button.

Click on Open

STEP 5:-

Now select associated MDF file & Click "Ok" Button.

Click on Ok

STEP 6:-

Now you can view the log data associate to each table.

View Log Data

STEP 7:-

You can sort elements according to transactions, Time, Table Name, Transaction Name & Query.

Sort Elements

STEP 8:-

View the details of selected row.

View MDF File

STEP 9:-

Select tables to export.

Select Tables to Export.

STEP 10:-

Now click Export button.

Click Export Button

STEP 11:-

Select export option to save the analyzed records:

SQL Server Database: Export data to SQL Server & fill the necessary credentials like SQL Server Name, Database Name, User Name & Password. You can also create new destination database by selecting it.

SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts: By using this option, you can export data to local machine for further use.

CSV: Select CSV option to get report of SQL log data.

Export Option

STEP 12:-

Select filter for Insert, Update & delete Records.

Select Filter

STEP 13:-

Export records according to date wise.

Data Wise

STEP 14:-

Select the destination path & click on "Export" button.

Destination Path

STEP 15:-

Export completed successfully.

Export Completed